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" ... made me glad to be a woman again!"

-about Empowered with Mary

" ... a healing book."
-about Empowered with Mary

"Barbara Jones communicates with a clarity and creativity that has made the biblical Mary become a real person to me."
- about Empowered with Mary

"A wonder ... to find scripture and psychology harmoniously combined to give the reader data and insights. The topic of growth to full personhood will be appealing to all."
Margaret Solomon
Lay minister, lay counselor, retired nurse --about Empowered with Mary
"Empowered with Mary talks to both men and women about Mary, the Mother of our Lord. It takes the biblical descriptions of events in Mary's life and provides new insight. As a man, I am enjoying it very much. Women will, I trust, find it equally enlightening. I think anyone who reads this book will grow to have an expanded view of Mary and of ourselves."
Larry Doyle

"Men want and need to understand the women we love. In Empowered with Mary, Barbara Jones integrates biblical truth and psychological insights to illuminate the person of Mary, Jesus' mother, bringing to light some remarkable traits we have often overlooked. She shows how women today are affirmed and empowered by understanding more fully the woman God chose. This book will help us understand and affirm the women in our lives."
Rex Minor
Director, Small Group Leadership Development | Willow Creek Community Church
"So often, Mary is presented as someone beyond the reach of the typical woman. She is holy - the perfect picture of a shy, demure, submissive, sweetly feminine character most of us cannot relate to. Barbara Jones brings us a completely different side of Jesus' mother. In Empowered with Mary, we find a very intentional and deliberate personality, unbound by convention - free to be a real flesh-and-blood person. Utterly spiritual, Mary's story resonates with a strength that elevates women to the standing God intended in His original design for us."
Wendy K. Walters
Speaker, Consultant, Author of Intentionality--Live on Purpose
"Empowered With Mary is a bold and fresh treatment of Mary as a multifaceted and healthy human being who remains relevant as an archetype or model for contemporary women and men. This is an impressive work."
Dr. Wayne Viney
Professor of Psychology | Colorado State University
"In this stirring children's tale, Dr. Barbara Jones introduces us to the very special young girl who will one day bear a unique task, saying yes to God and becoming the mother of His only Son. With wit and insight, the story opens up the shaping influences of family and faithfulness to the teachings and traditions of God's people that prepared Mary for her incredible task. Readers of all ages will find inspiration and encouragement to say "I am the Lord's servant" in their own lives as they look to the example of this exceptional young woman of faith."
The Rev. Steven Hoskins
Rector | Christ Our Hope Anglican Church, CO
"This is a brilliant, fresh look at the birth of Jesus. Revealing a deeper look at Mary and her amazing journey as the "blessed of all women," the story and illustrations will thrill both old and young. Don't miss Barbara Jones' insightful portrayal of this timeless truth."
Holly Hector, Ph.D.
Pastor of Counseling | The Rock, CO
"Barbara captures in word and illustration the wonder of the journey of life through the eyes of a child. You can find your own place in this story and your own face at the end of the rainbow. Charmingly written for the delight of all ages."
Lance Wallnau
Founder | The Lance Learning Group
"In this delightful childrens' book about Mary, author Barbara Jones recasts timeless truths for a new generation. She paves the way for youngsters (and oldsters) to learn to 'say yes to God.' Through her simple yet elegant writing, Barbara Jones helps us become who God created us to be."
Deb Krebs, BS, MDiv.
Owner, Situs Ergonomics LLC | Founder, FireFall Equipping Training Consulting, Author of Prayer Warriors in Business