arbara Horton Jones harmoniously combines scripture and psychology to bring healing, understanding, and empowerment. She helps women and men boldly embrace all God created them to be—free from the limitations of pre-conceived religious stereotypes or cultural constraints. Without losing softness or feminity, Barbara releases women to experience full personhood.  Her insights and skills help men and women understand and implement full personhood for themselves and loved ones.


Mary's Choice is a delightfully winsome story illustrating how God loves and blesses Mary as she grows from a baby to a young woman, preparing to make a very special choice.
Beautifully illustrated by Shelbee Mares, this delightful book teaches young girls that God has a plan for their life, their intelligence, their creativity, and their own unique voice.
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God created each one of us with both those characteristics that are universal to humans and with characteristics, talents, and gifts that make us unique. His desire is for each of us to surrender fully to Him, allowing our unique combination of characteristics to be developed and to blossom fully in their season. This full personhood fulfills what God created each of us to be and helps equip us to do the works God desires.

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